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Eruvinar This includes a set of two Eruvinars. Our Eruvinars are advanced discussions with Rabbi Moshe Heinemann on hilchos eruv, as they apply to the challenges of a city eruv. These webinars are meant for the eruv professional, and require an understanding of hilchos eruv and related Talmudic terminology. The Eruvinars are moderated by Rabbi Zvi Goldberg.

Eruv checkers or Rabbonim hamachshirim -- Get notified about upcoming eruvinars! Send us an email with your name, the capacity in which you serve your eruv, and the location. If you have a shayla regarding your eruv, please forward pictures of it (along with a note detailing the question) to the same address.

Read our press release of the event here.

Watch recordings of our eruvinars:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 (1 hour 38 minutes)

Alternative direct video link.

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