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A 30 Year Retrospective on Kashrus Kurrents
The Importance of Accurate Kashrus Information
The Safety of our Kosher Food
Kosher Certification-Food Safety Quality's Eyes and Ears

A Traveler's Guide to the International Dateline
The Traveler's Halachic Guide to Hotels
Don't Miss the Boat: Halachic Guidelines of Kosher Cruises
On the Road to a Kosher Vacation
EREV SHABBOS GRIDLOCK: A Halachic Guide for the Delayed Friday Afternoon Traveler
Pie In The Sky
When Does One Pray When There Is No Day

Three Mentchen Ready for Bentchen
Sushi L'Mehadrin
A Tail of Two Cities: Worldwide Fish Production
Bayamim Haheim Bazman Hazeh
Brochos for Breakfast
Candy is Dandy
Cholent! A Guide to Proper Enjoyment
Eating Her Curds…No Way
Dried Fruit: Nature's Way of Wrinkling Gracefully
Indulging L'Mehadrin
Good Things Come in Small Packages
How Does Your Kosher Garden Grow
Industrial Eggs: Not As Simple As it May Seem

It's Takke a Taco
Kashrus Goes Crunch
Kashrus in Good Taste: Kosher Certifying the Flavor Industry
Planning Your Simcha; The Agony or the Ecstacy
Olive Oil: The Contemporary Industry of Antiquity
Raising Cane: The Kashrus & Other Halachic Issues of Cane Sugar
Rice: Nature’s Answer to Hashem’s Blessings
Taam Tov B’Tuv Taam: A Flavorful Blend of Kashrus and Spices
The Secret Ingredient
The Grape Seeds of Worth
The Spice of Life: A Kashrus Overview of Salt & Pepper
The Sweetest Fruit of Them All
Do Bee or Don't Bee: A Kashrus Guide to Honey and Other Bee Derivatives
Vinegar: Sour Grapes or Sweet Success
Wheying the Kosher Possibilities
The Tell Tail Sign

All Washed Up
Can it be Kosher
Star-K Certified Canned Vegetables

Keeping Bugs in Check Insect Infestation Revisited

Facts on Wax: Are Vegetables and Fruit Waxes Kosher?

Meat and Dairy-A Kosher Consumer's Handbook
Surprise Du Jour
Grillin' With a 'Bren'
Beware: Glatt May Not Always Be Kosher
Getting Into The Thick Of Things – Gelatin
A Cut Above:Shechita in the Crosshairs, Again
It’s a Siman (Sign) that it’s Kosher: Avoiding Bosor Shenisalaim Min Hoayin
Kashering Liver
Kosher Chickens: From Coop to Soup
Meat, Pareve & Dairy In Restaurants

Paradise Lost - Revisited
The Art of Kosher Winemaking
Kashrus in High Spirits

Don't Drink the Coffee?
Knowing Your Beans: The Kashrus of Coffee
The Kashrus of Tea - With No Strings Attached!
The Kosher Formula
Looking Through the Liquor Glass
The Drinks of a New Generation

Drinking Responsibly
Drinking Responsibly II

Halachic Guide to Hospitals
A Kashrus Guide to Medications, Vitamins, and Nutritional Supplements
Kashrus Guide for the OB-GYN Patient
She Sells Sea Shells - But Are They Kosher? The Kashrus Status of Glucosamine and Other Arthritis Remedies

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Click here for medicine kashrus audio cassette information.

Shmitta 5775
Otzer Beis Din: Proper Distribution of Shmitta Produce
The End of The Line: Laws of 'Biur Ma'aser'
Orla: A Halachic Exercise in Self Control
Charting the Course of Orla
Terumos & Ma'asros

Yoshon and Chodosh Something Old and Something New
Preparing for Chodosh
Preparing for Yoshon: Practically Speaking, A Housewife’s Perspective on Keeping Yoshon

Keeping Your Cool
Shattered Dreams
Sabbath Mode Appliance Problems Run Hot and Cold: Let the Buyer Beware
Oven Kashrus: For Everyday Use
Oven Kashrus: For Shabbos Use
Oven Kashrus: For Yom Tov Use
The "Sabbath Mode"
Microwaving in the Workplace

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Getting Into Hot Water - Urns and Pump Pots In Halacha
A Practical Guide for Tevilas Keilim
A Crystal Clear Halachic Approach to Glass
It's Kosher on Paper Only
The Story Behind Kosher Plastics
The Mitzvah of Tevilas Keilim

Sharp Awareness in the Kitchen

Inspections In All Directions: Certifying STAR-K Plants Worldwide
Maintaining Proper Standards of Kashrus In Our Yeshivos & Schools
The Rise and Fall of Wonder Bread
A Mashgiach’s Job is Never Done
When it's Null and Void: Understanding Batel B’Shishim (One-Sixtieth)
Cholov Yisroel: Does a Neshama Good
Feeding Your Pet: Barking Up the Right Tree
Kosher Consumer Misconsumptions
Food Fit for a King: Reviewing the Laws of Bishul Akum and Bishul Yisroel
Kashrus On The Front Lines
Kosher is Healthier
McBiodiesel: New Not So Kosher Vistas for Spent French Fry Oil
Me’ein Olam Haboh - Instant Style: Instant Foods in the Kosher Home
Opening A Can Of Worms
Pas Habah B'Kisnin: Pas or Pas Nisht
Pas or Pas Nisht: Reviewing the Laws of Pas Akum
STAR-K Launches the Institute of Halachah
The Guide to Halachic Food Measurements
When You Need to Knead: A Guide to Hafrashas Challah
2006 Kashrus Training Seminar
2007 Kashrus Training Seminar
2008 Kashrus Training Seminar
2009 Kashrus Training Seminar
2010 Kashrus Training Seminar

2011 Kashrus Training Seminar
2012 Kashrus Training Seminar
Sticker Shock

STAR-K Awards Grant to Baltimore Community Kollel’s Chananya Backer Memorial Fund

Birchas Hachama 5769
Charting the Course of Shmitta
Electric Shavers
Eruv Tavshilin
First Taste of Judaism
Good Fences Make Good Home Owners

Hetter Iska - Instructions and Form
The Halachic Guide to Kiddush
Mitzvos on the Fringe
Shaimos Guidelines
Shiluach Hakan
Shmitta 5768
Starting the New Year Right
The Kashrus, Shabbos, and Pesach Guide to Cosmetics
The Mitzvah of Shatnes
Undercover: The Halachos of Schach


The Star-K Pesach Kitchen
Passover Matzos
Machine Matzos
Purchasing Chometz After Pesach and Defining Real Chometz
Guide to Selling "Real" Chometz Before Pesach
Guide to Purchasing Chometz After Pesach
The Kashrus, Shabbos, and Pesach Guide to Cosmetics
Kitniyos By Any Other Name
The Busiest Day of the Year: The Laws of Erev Pesach
The Pesach Seder
But What Could be the Problem With...
Quinoa: The Grain That's Not

The 10 Commandments for the Prudent Passover Consumer
The Chumra of Only using Non-Chometz Medications is Nothing New
A Guide to Shabbos Erev Pesach
Pesach Guide for Diabetics
Year-Round Money Saving Tips and Strategies
Pesach Medication & Cosmetics: The Halachos & Lists
Feeding Your Pet: Barking Up the Right Tree
Passover FAQ's

Additional Annual Information:

The following updated information for Passover 5776/2016
will be available at this site after Purim 5776.

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Passover News & Alerts
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